Never run away, all you find is yourself

She didn’t say that much, and most of it I find difficult to remember, but I do remember one thing, and it has left a mark in me, she said: “There’s no point in running away. Never run away, all you find is yourself. There’s nothing else to find.” I didn’t understand her then, all those years ago, and it’s hard for me to understand those words even now – but I think I might. I think she might have meant no matter where we hide, no matter into which hole we choose to burrow, we have to make room for the shadow that always accompanies us -wherever it is we go- revealing to us our true nature: the sheer, undeniable weight of it all. The beauty of it being this: weight isn’t indistinguishable by some thing. There is no thing. It is weight, the paradox being that it -the weight that envelops us- somehow calms us.

At least I think that’s what she meant. I should have listened to my mother.

Λι Ρουρκ, The Canal

*Το μπλογκ του συγγραφέα, μια συνέντευξή του με δύο αποσπάσματα από το βιβλίο και μια κριτική.


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