There’s a kind of poetry to the fragmentation

Ένα από τα πιο ενδιαφέροντα (και πολυσυζητημένα) κεφάλαια του A Visit from the Goon Squad της Τζένιφερ Ίγκαν είναι γραμμένο σαν παρουσίαση στο PowerPoint:

Great Rock and Roll Pauses

[Υ]our new novel begins with a Xanax-popping kleptomaniac, and ends with the fragmentation of language, with babies communicating via scary handheld gizmos and “people who stopped being themselves without realizing it.”

Even though I would be sad if all communication were reduced to the kind of T-ing I was creating, one thing that struck me was that there’s a kind of poetry to the fragmentation. That’s also the case with the PowerPoint chapter. Initially, I thought, I really want to write fiction in PowerPoint, but I also thought, it’s kind of sad that I want to write fiction in PowerPoint. But in fact, while I was using PowerPoint, I found that there was a kind of beauty to writing that way that was distinct from conventional fiction, and that I really believed in and enjoyed. While I have a kind of dread about where the culture is going, I feel like when I engage with the forces I dread in fiction I often end up finding more value in them than I expected to, intellectually.

Η συνέντευξη συνεχίζεται κι αυτή υπό μορφή παρουσίασης στο Powerpoint:

2 thoughts on “There’s a kind of poetry to the fragmentation

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