Look and understand

O Αρτ Σπίγκελμαν μιλά για τα μυθιστορήματα χωρίς λέξεις του «πατέρα του γκράφικ νόβελ» Λιντ Γουάρντ (με αφορμή την έκδοση του Lynd Ward: Six Novels in Woodcuts από τη Βιβλιοθήκη της Αμερικής – περισσότερα για την έκδοση εδώ):

All novels require some mental adjustment in order to understand a writer’s meaning. But yes, in Ward’s books you have something that has its own operating system. This requires slowing down to understand it. Come at it from one angle and you’re looking at a bunch of incoherent, unconnected pictures. From another angle you see a very tightly woven narrative that rewards contemplation and a revisiting of how it’s told as well as what’s being told. Each of his books teaches itself. As you’re reading you understand better how to read each book—the speech and rhythms of what one can find as one revisits a picture. As Susan Sontag pointed out in her essay “On Photography,” pictures are scary because until they are actually contained by words their meanings are not containable. The words that describe what’s happening in a news photo actually refocus you to not look. The whole point of Ward’s work is to make you look and understand.

Η εικόνα από το Vertigo (1937).

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