The common sense of humans


know the Carthaginians
liked to use oxen for night
fighting. I’m talking about
Hannibal I’m talking about
the battle of Ager Falernus
217 BC. Like tanks but
more frightening. They’d
tie lit torches to the horns
and stampede them toward
the enemy. The Romans
panicked some ran into the
herd some got knocked off
the path to the crags below
others tried to retreat and
were lost in the tundra
never seen again. But what
about I’m asking what
happens when the torches
burn down to the horn to
the hair to the head to the
bone beneath. So much
human cruelty is simply
incidental is simply
brainless. Simply no
common sense. You could
take the entirety of the
common sense of humans
and put it in the palm of
your hand and still have
room for your dick.

Αν Κάρσον, Red Doc>


[πρίβιουσλι: NOX | Νύχτα]


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