Follow them in secret

It seems to me that one life is actually many lives, and that they add up to something surprisingly long. My life then was nothing like my life now.

W.: “We’re stupid, we need to be led”. Didn’t we long ago decide we could redeem ourselves only by creating opportunities for those more capable than ourselves? – “It’s our gift”, says W., “we know we’re stupid, but we also know that stupidity is not”. We ought to throw ourselves at their feet and ask them to forgive us. We always stop short of this, of course. We have to remember not to tell them, each of them, that they are our new leader. It would only frighten them off, W. says. No one should ever know he or she is our leader, we agree. Only we should know. And we should follow them in secret.

Λαρς Άιερ, Spurious